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08. Where's the door? Three ways to get in!...

As in all things here, you have a choice! Our primary entrances are from Congress Street—
  • Meeting House entrance.
    You are welcome to come up the granite steps to the big red doors and come in through the Vestibule to the Meeting House. Greeters will wish you good morning and offer to make you a visitor nametag. An usher will give you an order of service.
  • Parish House entrance.
    You may come up the brick sidewalk to the Parish House door. When you come in through the Parish House, you may hang up your coat and hat and chat with early arrivals. Walk straight through the Parish House, turning slightly left to go in through the double doors to the Meeting House. When you come in this way if you are a little late, please speak quietly. Pick up an order of worship from the little table inside the Meeting House door. 
  • "No stairs" entrance.
    When you are standing on the Congress Street sidewalk, you will see "Freshman Alley" to the right of our building. (Straight ahead is Portland High School.) As you proceed up the alley, just after the beginning of our building is a ground-level entrance. This door should be open and attended by a greeter beginning at about 9:30 on Sunday morning. It is helpful if you call ahead (773-5747) to let people know you will need that entrance. 
    If the door is unattended but open, go through both doors and turn to the right into the Multipurpose Room. The stair-elevator is through the door on the opposite wall from the alley. If you are comfortable using it by yourself, be sure to put the seat down and the seat-belt on, or wheel your chair onto it and lock your wheels. Then turn the elevator key and ride up to the Parish House.
    If you usually use a wheelchair, but have not arrived with your own, we should have one for you to borrow during your visit here.
Do not hesitate to ask for help, if you need it. Everyone is friendly here, and we all would love to get to know you!