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Our mission is to Nurture the Spirit, Grow in Community, and Help Heal the World.

A Message From Our Minister,

Rev. Norman Allen

Summer 2024

The First Parish pulpit will get a workout this summer! While I’m away enjoying a combination of rest and study, our stellar lay preachers will bring their eclectic interests to the joy of Sunday worship. Check out the list of Upcoming Worship Services to see the full range of offerings, including Eastern and Celtic traditions and a chance for congregants to get up on a soapbox (literally!) and share their thoughts.

I look forward to my return in mid-August when we’ll celebrate the beloved tradition of the Ice Cream Social, and spend a Sunday morning exploring the theology of baseball before heading over for an afternoon with the Sea Dogs. All these rich and varied offerings tumble us forward to Ingathering in September, and the beautiful ritual of Water Communion.

While summer headlines may give us cause for concern, we read them knowing that the year ahead will be spent together, in this loving and active and forward-moving community.

Wishing you all the joy of summer in Maine!

Greetings from First Parish!

Upcoming Worship Services

July 21 | 10 am
Shiva’s Dance: Bhakti and the Poetry of Mahadevi
Caleb Collins

July 28 | 10 am
Pat Washburn

August 4 | 10 am
Seeds of Peace
Carl Dillard

August 11 | 10 am
Our Story is One
Parivash Rohani

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