We are a welcoming congregation in the heart of the city.

Our mission is to Nurture the Spirit, Grow in Community, and Help Heal the World.

A Message From Our Minister,

Rev. Norman Allen

June 2024

With summer upon us, First Parish is in full bloom!

This month, we celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride as we march in the Portland Pride Parade, spread the First Parish love during the Pride Festival, and follow-up on Sunday morning with a joyous service that uncovers the scripture-based truth that Jesus was an ally to the queer community. Whether you care what Jesus had to say or not, this is an important reversal of the centuries of harm inflicted by oppressors who misused the gospels to wield power.

June also sees us celebrating the beloved Unitarian Universalist tradition of Flower Communion. First offered by Rev. Norbert Čapek in 1921, the ceremony symbolizes the theological diversities held within our single faith. Each of us will bring an individual bloom to church, adding them to a single, abundant bouquet of color, shape, and scent. (If you’re looking for some aural beauty, don’t miss our annual Music Sunday when the First Parish Choir fills the sanctuary with song.)

Throughout the month, we offer rich and rewarding ways to be together. I hope you’ll join us as we live into our mission to, “Nurture the Spirit, Grow in Community, and Help Heal the World.”

See you at the Meeting House! – Rev. Norm

Greetings from First Parish!

Upcoming Worship Services

June 23 | 10 am
Flower Communion: A Perennial Faith
Rev. Norman Allen

June 30 | 10 am
In Sunshine and in Shadow:
The Ying-Yang of Love in Poetry, Drama, and Music
Derek Campbell

July 7 | 10 am
Soap Box Sunday!
Marianne Hill

July 14 | 10 am
Lessons from the Pandemic
Kip DeSerres

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