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A Welcoming Congregation in the Heart of the City

Our mission is to Nurture the Spirit, Grow in Community, and Help Heal the World.

Message from Our Minister

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Dear Members and Friends of First Parish,

What a surreal time for us humans…we are entering unknown territory as a species, as a world community, as a people of faith.  None of us know what the future may bring.  I am using the earth, spiritual practices, my ancestors, and people in my life to stay grounded and calm as I witness our world transforming.   It is a scary but necessary time.   Our beloved earth is waking us up.  We must really listen to her right now.  Every morning the birds remind me that I am alive and life is precious and beautiful.  Our forced isolation is calling us into being with our own hearts in a deep way.  We may have all kinds of feelings and we need to find ways to process them so we can keep our hearts open.  Those of us who live with others may experience difficult challenges in our relations. Remember kindness and boundaries will save us.  Those of us who live alone have different challenges and may need to reach out and ask for connection.   For many of us, our computers and phones will be our primary way to work, to socialize, to pray, to meditate, to tell stories, and to worship.

The leaders and staff at First Parish have been working hard to adjust to this new world.  We have created online opportunities for worship, meetings, chalice groups, music, prayer, religious exploration, and pastoral care. If you are new to our community please join us on Zoom or Facebook Live for Sunday worship.  I know online communication is challenging for some folks.  Please let us know if you need help using zoom or you just need a phone call.

My hope for First Parish is that we stay connected during this difficult time and even grow stronger as a community.  We need each other more than ever right now.

Blessings of hope,


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