Faith Formation & Families and Youth

Our Faith Formation Director position is currently open. We provide childcare on Sunday mornings, but we are unable to offer additional Children’s Faith Formation programs at this time. Please email for all Faith Formation questions.

At First Parish, we believe that Faith Formation is a lifelong process of personal and community transformation.  We provide spiritual and educational opportunities for all ages to deepen, engage, and nurture our lives while staying faithful to our Unitarian Universalist Principles.  Our Director of Faith Formation and the members of the Faith Formation Committee strive to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for all ages.  Our programs allow children, teens, and adults to connect with one another in such a way that empowers them to explore their spiritual identity, deepen their understanding of Unitarian Universalism, and become champions of justice, diversity, and environmental stewardship in our local community and beyond.

Faith Formation is guided by our Seven Principles and Six Sources.

It provides faith development opportunities for our congregation of all ages to foster our community and enrich our spiritual lives to:

  • Understand Unitarian Universalist theology and heritage
  • Develop Unitarian Universalist identity
  • Cultivate our individual and collective spiritual practices and sense of well-being

Nursery Care

Nursery Care is provided in our lovely playroom, on the second floor of the Parish Hall, for infants and toddlers who may need it.  Parents are always welcome to stay with their children, but if you do decide to drop your child off, please sign them in and leave your cell phone number in case we need to reach you during the service.

Children’s Faith Formation

  • We offer workshops for children Pre-K – 8th grade on most Sundays.  Workshops are primarily based on the Soul Matters Curriculum.
  • In addition, we also offer the K/1, 4/5, 7/9 and 11/12 Our Whole Lives (OWL) sexuality education classes on a rotating basis.
  • Once a month, we offer a special worship service designed for all ages.  We call this Children’s Chapel.

We ask that families who plan on attending the Faith Formation Program regularly register their children.  Please email our Director of Faith Formation for information on how to register.

Youth (Adolescent and Teen) Coming of Age

Coming of Age is a 6-8 week long program which provides youth grades 8 and 9 with tools they can use to shape their spiritual journeys.  These workshops provide time for a deep process that transforms lives.  This program is offered every other year, and culminates with the youth that are Coming of Age performing a worship service for the congregation.

Youth Group

The purpose of the Youth Group at First Parish is multi-faceted.  We encourage spiritual growth and religious exploration within the group.  We also help youth to develop leadership skills by providing a welcoming environment where they can build a sense of community and connection – within the group as well as the larger congregation and community.  Youth Group is open to all high school students, grades 9-12.  Youth Group Meetings are led by the Youth Advisor and meet most Sundays.

Adult Faith Formation

We offer several different Adult Faith Formation events and workshops throughout the year.  The goal of these is to help the adult members of our congregation create meaningful connections with one another, and to broaden and deepen their connection to Unitarian Universalism, First Parish, and the Interconnected Web of Existence.  Information for specific workshops is made available in our newsletter (most recent newsletter is linked on our home page) and on our calendar.

Faith Formation supports all ages by:

  • Offering opportunities for spiritual growth and religious education
  • Creating congregational experiences that include and value all ages
  • Equipping families to continue faith development at home and in family life
  • Encouraging all to practice UU faith values in daily life and in the wider world