Become a Member

When you find yourself thinking of First Parish as your church, we invite you to become a member of this congregation, which includes a short ceremony in which you sign our historic membership book. Becoming a member is a significant step, which brings great benefits. Only members of First Parish may vote in the democratic process which guides our congregation or hold certain leadership positions, as defined in the Bylaws. As a member of First Parish, you may call on the services of our minister for weddings, commitment ceremonies, child dedication ceremonies, and memorial services. You are entitled to free use of the facilities for the above named rites of passage.   

In joining our congregation, you are indicating a willingness to contribute your time, effort, resources and talents to First Parish. Membership is an important personal commitment to the life and work of our congregation.

Here at First Parish, we refer to this commitment as the four “P”s:

  • Presence – Attend church services, programming, and Congregational Meetings regularly.
  • Participation – Engage with the life of our community in ways that nurture your spirit. Join a chalice group, attend or teach a class, serve on a committee, sing with the choir, work with others on a faith in action project.
  • Pledging – Make and pay an annual pledge of financial support.
  • Pass it on! – Share your pride in our religious community by talking to people about Unitarian Universalism (link to About/About First Parish) and our inclusive community!

The following activities are offered as steps on the path to membership:

  • Newcomer Coffee – This is a focused opportunity after the worship service to spend time with our minister and leaders from the congregation. Ask questions about Unitarian Universalism, our congregation, and share what you are looking for in a church. We would love to get to know you better!
  • UU History Class – Deepen your understanding of Unitarian Universalism as we explore the history and theology of our liberal religion. Please check our calendar or contact our Membership Coordinator for upcoming dates.
  • Path to Membership – Explore the history of First Parish, gain a better understanding of how our congregation governs itself, and learn what membership really means in our congregation. Please check our calendar or contact our Membership Coordinator for upcoming dates.
  • Meet with the Minister – Schedule a one-on-one with our minister for a conversation about joining the church. This conversation is a chance for you to share your expectations and aspirations as you contemplate joining our congregation.
  • A New Member Ceremony is held during a Sunday worship service. Current members and new members covenant to walk together in fellowship and mutual support.

If you have any questions, please contact our Membership Coordinator, Laurie Hasty.  She is available most Sundays during coffee hour, or can be reached by phone at (207) 773-5747 or email at