Chalice Groups

Women's chalice group (1)

In addition to Sunday worship, we also have small group ministries that our congregation calls Chalice Groups. These are groups of 8-10 congregants who meet at the same date and time each month to explore ministry on a deeper level. You gather with the same individuals each month, to build a bond, and create a consistent space to explore topics more deeply. Within this safe space is the opportunity to actively listen to group members, while allowing yourself to be seen and heard.

If you are interested in joining or facilitating a chalice group, contact the church office or  

UU Outdoors Group

Members of UU Outdoors aim to build meaningful connections with others in our church community who gain inspiration and strength in celebrating the glories of the natural world. Our small group (maximum ten people) offers easy to moderate walks that range from a stroll in a nearby nature preserve to a mountain hike. Generally, we explore natural areas within an hour drive of Portland. Depending on the interests of our members, we may also include other activities such as birding, paddling, biking, or snowshoeing. If the weather is not conducive to outdoor activity, we switch venues and meet indoors at a member’s home. We meet once a month, typically the fourth Thursday. We expect members to be experienced, familiar, and comfortable with hiking; our group is not intended to be a training/education service to introduce newcomers to outdoor activities. 

Every member of our group is expected to facilitate monthly meetings on a rotating basis. Facilitation includes selecting the time and location of the meeting, as well as planning a spiritual aspect to our outdoor adventure. This includes offering poetry, prose, or artwork; leading activities that help us appreciate the natural world; presenting topics pertaining to natural or cultural history relevant to the area; and leading group discussion relevant to the topic of the day. For more information, contact Lois Winter at or Elizabeth Chapman at