First Parish has many opportunities for members and friends to get involved in our faith community. We are always in need of volunteers willing to give their time and talent. CLICK HERE to learn more about current volunteer openings, and sign up to lend a hand!


Additionally, there are many Teams at First Parish that accomplish the important work of making our faith community run smoothly. Please reach out to the committee contacts listed below in order to learn more about the committee and how you can get involved.

Buildings & Grounds

Works to preserve our historic building, collaboratively with our Sexton and the Trustees. Projects range from painting, minor and major repairs, to landscaping our grounds. Our vision for the future includes making our buildings more environmentally sustainable and accessible to people of all abilities.  Contact: office@firstparishportland.org

Faith in Action

Strives to help First Parish members and friends live out their faith in ways that support the mission of our church: To nurture the spirit; grow in community; help heal the world. There are many, many ways to engage is this work. Contact fia@firstparishportland.org or dive into the work of one of the subcommittees listed on our Faith in Action page.

Finance Committee

Oversees the financial matters of First Parish (other than those delegated to the Trustees) and communicates information relating to these matters to the leadership and congregation. The Finance Committee meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6pm in the Youth Room. Contact: finance@firstparishportland.org

Library Committee

Maintains a collection of books that are of help or interest to members and friends of First Parish. Books are stored in the Parish House and available to borrow. As a friend of our community, you are welcome to make use of this resource! Contact: library@firstparishportland.org

Membership Committee

Focuses on bringing in visitors to the church and welcoming new members. As we strive to grow in community, it’s important to foster connections that extend beyond our shared worship. Every month, First Parish holds a social event just for this purpose! You are always encouraged to attend, but if you would like to assist with bringing these events to life, contact our Membership Coordinator at membership@firstparishportland.org.

Music Committee

Music is an integral part of every Sunday service at First Parish, whether it be singing hymns or songs as a community, listening to the adult and children’s choir sing, or hearing one of our many wonderful guest soloists. Please email musicdirector@firstparishportland.org if interested in sharing your musical talents or if you’d like to help organize our monthly concert series.

Nominating Committee

Recommends officers and individuals to serve on the Governing Board, chairs of the Standing Committees as appropriate, members of the Board of Trustees of First Parish, members of the Trustees of the Memorial Garden, members of the Trustees for Youth and Family Outreach, and the liaison for Youth and Family Outreach. Also presents a full slate of candidates as required at the Annual Meeting. Recommends to the Governing Board individuals to fill openings that may occur until the next Annual Meeting. Contact: nominating@firstparishportland.org

Pastoral Care Team

Offers regular personal support to congregants who are undergoing grief, injury, illness, disability, loss of relationship, unemployment, or other difficulties. The team also reaches out to members in isolation and who are unable to attend church. Pastoral Care provides a listening presence and spiritual support in time of need as well as cards and flowers. Contact: pastoralcare@firstparishportland.org

Connected Hanger

Personnel Committee

Prepares job descriptions, salaries, and terms of employment for all employees except the minister. Hears concerns of and about such employees, as well as provides annual performance evaluations in consultation with the minister. Contact: personnel@firstparishportland.org

Program Council

Supports the mission of our congregation by maintaining contact with the other First Parish committees, supporting them in their work and communicating their activities to the church leadership. The Program Council keeps the lines of communication open to ensure effective operation within and collaboration between committees. Contact: programcouncil@firstparishportland.org

Religious Exploration Committee

Seeks to provide a supportive, welcoming environment where children, teens, and their families can connect with one another in such a way that empowers them to explore their spiritual identity and deepen their understanding of Unitarian Universalism. RE programming is developed collaboratively by First Parish professional staff and the Religious Exploration committee. Contact: dre@firstparishportland.org

Welcoming Committee

Strives to create a warm and welcoming Sunday morning experience for members, participants and visitors by coordinating Ushers, overseeing Coffee Hour and organizing flower donations and dedications for the altar. The Welcoming Committee seeks to build and foster connections and friendships within our community. For more information, please email membership@firstparishportland.org.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee, in collaboration with Reverend Christina Sillari, develops, presents, and supports consistently high-quality worship services, while being flexible and responsive to the needs of our congregation. Our goal is to make worship at our church welcoming, accessible, uplifting, and relevant to the lives of everyone seeking a spiritual home with us. The committee is also responsible for organizing and overseeing the summer services. Contact worship@firstparishportland.org

Black Lives Matter Discussion Group 2

Committee on Ministry (COM)

Meets monthly to support the Minister and review her reports among other duties mandated by the First Parish Bylaws. Consistent with professional ethics, personnel policy, and UU guidelines, COM meetings are closed as confidential matters concerning members or staff are sometimes discussed. The small group of COM members are nominated and approved by the board and this committee and serve terms designated by the Bylaws. Members are available to congregation members as a communication channel between congregation members and the Minister if needed. Contact com@firstparishportland.org