Pastoral Care

As one of the First Parish Ministry Council Teams, the Pastoral Care Team is a group of members with experience in providing support and guidance to people in need of someone to listen to them without judgement.  We are available for members who are experiencing emotional needs, spiritual needs, loneliness and isolation, the difficulties of physical challenges and illness, family challenges, and those who need help securing community support services.

We all can feel alone, bewildered, and overwhelmed by challenges in our lives.  The Pastoral Care Team offers a safe and confidential approach of care and listening to help navigate these challenges.  Where specific counseling or intervention is needed, we can refer members to resources in the community for assistance.

After each First Parish service, a member of the Team will be present in a Breakout Room to offer support.  To join the Pastoral Care Team Breakout Room, please send a message in the Chat to our Tech person during the service asking to join.  After the service ends, a message will be sent to invite you into the room.  During the service, staff will also give members instructions on joining a Breakout Room.

To contact the Pastoral Care Team with a need or concern, please email the office at or call (207) 773-5747.